The Bridle Horse Shop


Hello friends, I’m Brad Cameron and welcome.


If you are in the market for authentic gear in the old Californio bridle horse tradition, you have come to the right place!

We are located in Western Montana in the grassy foothills of the Sapphire mountain range. For 10 years I owned a small cow/calf operation here as well, where we worked and practiced the classic bridle horse style of horsemanship. Whether we were moving cattle, branding or doctoring, in snow, rain or mud, used my gear just like you do. Knowing what works and what doesn't in those situations is an advantage in making good quality gear.

Having personal knowledge of what a proper bridle horse should be dressed like gives Brad a great advantage.
— Buck Brannaman

Made Right

Not only does a piece of equipment have to look nice, it has to fit right and function properly. From my own experience I know what it takes to build something that can do all three of those things. Whether you are roping and doctoring cattle out in the hills, or taking a cow down the fence in a ranch horse class, Bridle Horse Gear will not let you down.


I am primarily a custom shop but I always try to have some gear for sale at all times. What we have on hand can be purchased from the Tack page on this site, or it will be hanging in the shop for you to look at. Keep checking back here because the inventory items will always be changing. If it’s a custom order you want, call, e-mail, or stop by. I am always happy to work with you, so you get a piece that will fit the type of horses you ride and have the look you desire. I hope you enjoy your time here on our site and I look forward to meeting you soon.