Custom Crafted Bridle Horse Gear For Sale

On this page are inventory items that I have made, and are in stock now. These items will change frequently depending on what I happen to be working on so check back often. If you see something that looks good but you would like to change or add to it, contact me and we can see about customizing it to your specific taste. The sold items will remain on here for a short period just to give you more ideas. I would be glad to re-make something for you at any time.

The orders are placed through paypal so you can use your paypal account, or credit card for purchases.

Slobber Straps

High quality Slobber Straps in a variety of different set stamp patterns.
Made with Hermann Oak strap leather with my unique keeper built in to keep
the straps from gapping. Your choice of straight or flared pattern, please
specify when ordering.

$75 per pair

Spade Bit

A very nice spade bit, completely hand made by German craftsman Andreas Rombach. This Wes Wimmer style bit is inlaid and hand engraved with solid sterling silver. The rein chains and swivels are handmade and forge welded in the old school tradition. Mouth is 5 1/4" wide. A beautifully balanced bit that a spade bit horse could really work well with.


Visalia Style Spurs

Handmade by German craftsman Andreas Romach. Hand engraved sterling silver inlays make these a very pretty set of using spurs.


Morales Style Spurs

Handmade Morales style spurs by the great German craftsman Andreas Rombach. Reminiscent of the early 1900's these are a classic everyday using spur.


Buermann Style Spurs

Andreas Rombach reproduction of a Buermann spur style. Completely handmade with hand engraved sterling silver on the outside band. A nicely balanced pair of spurs.


Buermann Style spurs

Another pair of Buermann style spurs, handmade by German craftsman Andreas Rombach. Hand engraved sterling silver band. A great using spur style from the early 1900's.



5/8" Mecate

5/8" - 8 strand twisted mane hair mecates. 22 ft. long in a variety of nice colors.


16' Bridle Rope

6 strand twisted mane hair bridle rope, or "get down" rope. 16' long.


1/2" Mecate

1/2" - 8 strand twisted mane hair mecates. 22 ft. long in a variety of nice colors.



This documentary style instructional piece takes viewers deep into the world of the buckaroo at work, branding cattle on the western ranges in the "rodear style".
Incredibly photographed and peppered with actual interviews with some of the regions handiest cowboys, hard to get information is intricately woven into this spectacular footage. Martin Black, Buck Brannaman and Larry Schutte to name a few, share their personal insights and opinions.

This unique visual experience is set against the strikingly beautiful high desert vistas of the Great Basin and the oak studded hills of California.

The "Branding" DVD is a must have for all who hope to achieve true handiness or anyone enamored with the West and its time honored stockmanship techniques. 
Running time 1 hr. 30 min. 



Hermann Oak Breast Collar

Nice fitting contour breast collar made of Hermann Oak strap leather, doubled and stitched. The wild rose floral stamping is antiqued to bring it boldly forward. Horseshoe brand stainless hardware throughout.

Price $320


Split ear Headstall

A nice simple split ear with sterling overlay bridle buckles and bit end conchos. Made of Hermann Oak strap leather with nickel silver spots. A good looking, hard working outfit.

Price $340


Split ear headstall

A split ear headstall made of #1 grade Hermann Oak leather and lined with sweat resistant lining leather. Sterling overlay hardware with berry concho buckles and matching bit end conchos. Sterling hearts are at each ear split and stainless steel spots adorn the crown strap. A fancy headstall that is solid enough for every day use.

Price $380

Split Ear Headstall

Here is just a classy little split ear headstall. Made of supple, dark brown bridle leather. Lined and stitched with sweat resistant lining leather. Nickel silver spots on the cheeks and antiqued sterling overlay hardware. Beautiful sterling acorns at each ear split. This one is equally as comfortable going to work or going to town.


Flower Tooled Slobber Straps

Full flower tooled Slobber Straps on Hermann Oak leather. Built on my unique design with a keeper to hold the straps from gapping. 


Basket Stamp Breast Collar

Heavy contoured 3 pc. Breast collar with deep set medium basket stamp, and double edge border stamp. Heavy Hermann Oak strap leather with stainless steel hardware. Hand rubbed and hot waxed edges. Built to last!

Price $250

Split Ear Headstall

Here is a nice, simple split ear headstall made with dark brown bridle leather, lined and stitched with edges that are hand rubbed and hot waxed. The bridle buckle and conchos are antiqued sterling silver overlay. A classy look you could use every day.


Split ear headstall

A nice split ear with heavy dark brown bridle leather and antiqued sterling overlay. Pretty simple, yet very classy.

Price $325

Sliding ear headstall

A nice simple sliding ear headstall made of heavy, dark brown bridle leather and matching stainless hardware pieces. Simple and classy.

Price $180

3 Piece Breast Collar

1 1/2" wide, 3 piece breast collar. Small handset basket stamp on Hermann Oak saddle leather, lined and stitched. Stainless steel hardware with a small sterling concho on center piece.

Price $265

Sliding ear headstall

This classic sliding ear headstall is made of heavy dark brown bridle leather with a sweat resistant lining leather for years of use. Solid sterling silver, custom made by Yamsi silver. One buckle style with snake head bit hangers. The bit hangers are hinged for ease of changing bits. A simple yet classy looking headstall for everyday work.


Split ear headstall

A nice split ear headstall made with Hermann Oak strap leather, lined and stitched. The hardware is a new white bronze reminiscent of the old Main and Winchester styling of the late 1800's. Another classic, sturdy headstall for everyday use.

Price $280

1/2" Rawhide Bosal

12 plait rawhide bosal with gap at the heel knot to allow easier fit for the mecate.


Custom Jeff Fenske bosal

Custom Jeff Fenske bosal. 1/2", 12 plait rawhide with 32 plait nose button.

Heel knot and nose button are fine braided kangaroo leather. Comes with latigo hanger. Bosal is 10 1/4" long.



Custom Sterling Silver Headstall

This beautiful headstall is built on heavy black bridle leather and sports heavy solid sterling silver custom made by Ernie Marsh. Top of the line quality throughout.



Sliding Ear Headstall

A beautiful yet simple sliding ear headstall. Sterling silver overlay buckle set with matching sterling silver overlay conchos at the bit ends and the ear slider. Built on heavy Hermann Oak strap leather, lined and stitched with fine quality hand finished edges.


Sliding Ear Headstall

3/4" sliding ear headstall with heavy dark brown bridle leather, no.1 grade
fine stitching at 9 per inch, hand rubbed and hot waxed edges. This headstall has Mincer white bronze hardware with a matching concho on the ear slider and a full run of stainless steel spots on the crown strap and ear


Sliding Ear Headstall

Basic sliding ear headstall using 9-10 oz. Hermann Oak strap leather with
sweat resistant leather liner. #1 grade fine stitching, hand rubbed and hot
waxed edges and J. Watt stainless hardware.


Split Ear Headstall

Here is a nice split ear design with sterling silver overlay buckle sets and matching bit end conchos. Built on heavy dark brown bridle leather with stainless steel spots.


Roughout Breast Collar

1 1/4" wide roughout 3 pc. Breast collar. Made of Hermann Oak strap leather with stainless hardware. Hot waxed edges and heavily oiled for long lasting quality.

Price $188

Buckaroo style spur straps.

Small deep set basket stamp with tiny rope edge border, hand rubbed with hot waxed edges. Custom German silver hardware includes big 2 1/2" heart shaped conchos with matching buckles that are hand engraved by Diamond Cactus Price